List of Flower Names and Meanings of Flowers

Acacia - Secret Love

Acorn - Nordic symbol of life and immortality

Anemone - Anticipation

Aster - Symbol of Love, Grace

Azalea - Passion

Begonia - Be on one's guard

Bilberry - Confidence

Bluebell - Humility, Obedience

Cactus - Perseverance

Camellia - Admiration, Perfection

Carnation - Fascination, Woman Love

Chrysanthemum (red) - I love you

Chrysanthemum (usual) - Good Friend

Cyclamen - Resignation, Goodbye

Daisy - Purity, Innocence, Faithful Love

Dandelion - Happiness, Loyalty

Delphinium - Instability

Dried flowers - Rejected love

Fern - Fascination, Magic, Grace, Confidence and Patronage

Freesia - Friendship, Innocence

Flax - Family Symbol

Forget-me-not - Memory, True Love

Frond - Victory and Success

Gardenia - Secret Love, You're Beautiful

Garlic - Courage, Strength, Courage

Geranium - Foolishness, Heedlessness

Gerbera (daisy) - Innocence, Purity

Gladiolus - Gladiators flower

Gloxinia - Love at first sight

Golden rod - Success

Grass - Obedience

Heather – Beauty, Solitude

Hyacinth - Achievements, Games and Sports

Hydrangea - Coldness, Indifference, Heartlessness

Iris - The Emblem of France, Trust, Wisdom, Hope

Irish bluebell - Luck

Ivy - Harmonious Love, Loyalty, Friendship, Affection

Jonquilla - Return of Affection, Love Me, Desire, Sympathy

Laminaria - Sadness

Lavender - Admiration, Solitude

Lilac - Beauty

Lily (calla) - Beauty

Lily (white) - Purity, Virginity, Majesty

Lotus (water lily) - Health, Long Life

Magnolia - Nobility

Marigold flower - Grief, Jealousy, Cruelty

Mistletoe - Kiss me, Affection

Moss - Maternal Love, Charity

Myrtle - Love, Jewish Weddings Logo

Narcissus - Formality

Nasturtium - Conquest, Victory in the Battle

Nut - Stupidity

Oleander - Regard

Orange Flowers - Innocence, Eternal Love, Marriage

Orchid - Love, Refinement, Beauty

Pansies - Fun, Merriment

Passiflora - The Passion Flower

Peony - Happy Marriage, Merry Life, Compassion

Petunia - Irritation, Anger

Pine - Hope, Pity

Poppy - Eternal sleep. Oblivion, Imagination

Rose (scarlet) - Persian Love Messenger

Rosa (thorny) - Love at first sight

Rose (bridal) - Happy Love

Rose (Bud) - Innocent Heart

Rose (Christmas) - Anxiety, Calm Me

Rose (dark red) - Mourning

Rose (hibiscus) - Delicate, Beautiful

Rose (leaf) - You can hope for something

Rose (musk) - Charm

Rose (pink) - Happiness, Believe me

Rose (red and white together) - Unity

Rose (red) – Love - I Love You, Passion

Rose (single bloom) - I still love you

Rose (tea) - I will remember always

Rose (white) - Purity and Innocence, Mystery

Rose (white, dried) - Death is better than Disgrace

Rose (white, flabby) - Fleeting impression, you haven't impressed

Rose (wreath) – Keep your honor, Reward for merits, The symbol of highest achievements.

Rose (yellow) - Jealousy, Try to keep love

Strawberry Tree - I love you

Sunflower - Pride

Sweet pea - Goodbye. I'm leaving, thanks for good time

Tulip (red) - Declaration of love, Believe me

Tulip (usual) - Perfect Lover, Fame, Emblem in Holland

Tulip (variegated) - Beautiful Eyes

Violet - Dignity, Humility

Violet (blue) - Beware, Loyalty, I am always right

Zinnia (Red) - Long-term attachment

Flower color meanings

  Flower language is very expressive. Colors, shape, number of flowers and design have their importance both for the person who brings flowers and for the person who receives them!

For your education perspective read more about ranunculus bulbs here

Knowing flower color meanings, you will find out how to express your feelings and emotions.

  • White - responsible and solemn color, but also a symbol of purity and tenderness.
  • Yellow - a symbol of light and sun, give yellow flowers to people who want light and goodness. This color is considered to be a symbol of hearth and marriage, prosperity and wealth.
  • Green means peace and calmness.
  • Sulphureous - hate, perversity, jealousy, infidelity. Do not give the woman you love greenish-yellow orchid, it may arouse suspicions!

  • Red means freedom, love, life, celebration and at the same time - fire and blood. You must be very cautious when giving red flowers; they can be a good present for beloved one. And warning, don`t give red flowers to bride, if you are not a fiance. Bouquet of red roses will be interpreted as an expression of passion than a declaration of love.
  • Purple means obedience.
  • Orange symbolizes strength, power, pride, harvest, happiness and celebration.
  • Variegated - this color, like pink, is universal. You can give these flowers on weddings.
  • Pink - universal color. Flowers of this color you can give to people of any age and sex.
  • Light blue - faith, hope.
  • Blue - boredom and faithfulness.
  • Purple - the color of tender and touchy people. Bouquet, consisting of lilac-colored flowers can not be given on the wedding.
  • Violet - grand, a sign of friendship, glory, dignity and luxury.
  • Black - the color of sadness and mourning.

 In addition, you may consider the flower meanings. It's also very fundamental in the preparation of "speaking" bouquet.

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